Consumer Proposals in Edmonton, AB

For those who can afford to pay some, but just not all of their debts, a Consumer Proposal is Canada’s Best Alternative to Bankruptcy.

A Consumer Proposal is a government approved, legal way for you to pay a reduced portion of your debt and write off all interest payable on that debt. A Consumer Proposal Administrator, like Cameron-Okolita Inc., helps you summarize your financial affairs for review by your creditors, and together with you, drafts an offer of settlement for your creditors to consider.

In most cases, the creditors, in reviewing your situation, recognize that it is better for them to accept a reduced settlement amount, rather than force you into bankruptcy. Our success rate exceeds 90%, with most consumer proposals and offers of settlement submitted by us on behalf of our clients, accepted by the creditors as submitted.

Let us help you with a Consumer Proposal! We understand your needs and, at the same time, we have considerable insight and experience in dealing with creditors and what they will and will not agree to. This insight allows us to draft a meaningful proposal, which we believe is the critical factor in every proposal, and which we believe leads to our high acceptance results.

We encourage you to contact us! We will be happy to explain how a consumer proposal works, and the benefits you can expect by having a single monthly payment without the high interest rates you have been paying in the past.

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Consumer Proposal, Canada’s Bankruptcy Alternative: We can help you explore your options and see if a personal bankruptcy is the right step to take, or whether you should explore a consumer proposal is a debt settlement solution you can manage.


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