Alberta Bankruptcy Resources

Most people considering bankruptcy know little, if anything, about the process, how it works, or where they can go to find out more. There are a lot of stories about what happens to you if you go bankrupt, or how horrible a bankruptcy will be for you. Most have little to do with reality, and are totally wrong!

Financial Stress tears many families apart, and financial problems are the single biggest cause of Divorce in Canada. Virtually 100% of the people who contact or meet with us, and find out their options, say that they wish they had contacted us sooner. Most say that a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, and they can finally relax.

A little known bankruptcy alternative we would like to discuss with you, is a Consumer Proposal, where you can keep your assets, pay a reduced portion of your debt, with all interest charges waived.

General information about bankruptcy and consumer proposals is available on a series of websites sponsored by our firm, including our affiliated provincial website, Other independent sources of information include the following:

Bankruptcy Edmonton: For more comprehensive information on the bankruptcy process and alternatives to bankruptcy, such as a consumer proposal, consult our website.


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