Personal Bankruptcy in Alberta

Filing personal bankruptcy is only one of several options available to individuals in need of debt relief and financial assistance in dealing with overwhelming debts. We will help you find out if personal bankruptcy is the right solution for you, or whether better options are available to meet your needs.

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Cameron-Okolita Inc. is a firm of Licensed Bankruptcy Trustees, with the Knowledge and Experience to point you in the right direction. Discover our “Local Advantage”, including our friendly staff, local insight, casual environment, senior-friendly service, flexible payment options, extended meeting hours, and, for those with mobility issues, our “let us come to you” service. We make it easy to meet with us, we don’t wear suits, and we avoid downtown traffic as much as possible.

Although for most, the thought of filing bankruptcy is a scary prospect, it is a debt relief option which in many cases, is both the best and the right thing for people and their families in financial difficulty. Let us walk you through the “Bankruptcy Process”. We will explain exactly what you need to do, including your duties and responsibilities while bankrupt. You will find out that the things you need to do are not as difficult as you may think!

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Bankrupcy Edmonton: Our Bankruptcy Trustees will work hard to find the best debt relief option for you. Bankruptcy is only one of the debt resolution alternatives available for your consideration.


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